Amyris Wilson

Amyris Wilson

Amyris is a powerful channel for spiritual energy. She is a spiritual teacher, healer, and speaker offering private sessions, and workshops both in person and online. She is the author of ‘Breath of Oneness’ and the ‘Self Mastery Series’. Amyris is dedicated to serving the massive transformational shift happening on the planet right now. She aligns with Spirit to bring through the Love, information, and energy to transform people’s lives while empowering them with skills to embody their Divine nature. Her unique style of transformational work has supported hundreds of people to free themselves from limitation and live life from the perspective of a more conscious, loving, and empowered being. It is her greatest joy to serve and support people to live their most joyful and fulfilling life.

Amyris was initiated into Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful yogic breathing practice, and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation in 1995. In 2004 she furthered her studies incorporating into her personal practice the deep wisdom and understanding of consciousness and nature of reality beyond the illusion, or maya as it is called in Yoga, and the practices to release emotional blocks and work with energy activation (prana and kundalini) within the body. In just 1 year she had such a powerful, transformational shift in her being she knew she wanted to share this wisdom and self transformational methods with others. She stepped onto her path as a healer and teacher in 2005. Since then her intuition and ability to directly bring through wisdom and information from the masters that have walked before has opened up offering her clients and participants the personal guidance pertaining to their individual path as well as the information and energy to support the collective shift in consciousness. In 2010 she became a certified Reiki Master to further assist in the release of energetic blockages in the body and more recently has incorporated in alchemical Qi Gong to enhance energy mastery and control of kundalini.

Amyris currently lives between Southern California and Costa Rica. She loves to swim in the ocean as much as possible, surf occasionally and connect with the nourishing and rich energy of the mountains and the jungle. She also loves ecstatic dance and the yoga asanas.

“This is a powerful time to be alive on the planet. The opportunity for personal transformation into your most joyful, loving, and powerful Self is abundant. May you be blessed in all ways to live your most fulfilling life.”

With Love,

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