Breath of Oneness is a transformational journey that leaves you feeling more alive and connected with your authentic nature, and all of life. The Breath of Oneness process is a unique blend of qi gong, breath work, and guided meditation that allows you to let go of old emotions and patterns that have held you back in the past with ease and grace while also allowing your heart to open more fully and your authentic nature to shine forth.

   *     Feel Empowered     *     Feel More Love For Yourself and Others    *     Feel Oneness     *

Using conscious breath, energy medicine, and prayer Amyris will guide you in a process that will change the way you breathe in every day life. You will learn how to fully charge your body with life force energy known as chi and use the breathe to help you release old  emotions and thought patterns giving you the freedom to choose vs. react to life circumstances. Miracles happen when we begin to breathe with our whole being and life changes can happen quickly. When we change inside of ourself, it is reflected in our life outside. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Ghandi

What some have shared experiencing in a Breath of Oneness workshop:

An increase in energy levels and overall vitality
A deep connection within to their authentic nature
Old emotions releasing
Calming of anxiety and restlessness 
Light flooding the whole body and mind
Deep inner peace and heartfelt connection with everything around them.

Practical Benefits of Practicing Conscious Breath

By practicing conscious breath you increase the oxygen and the flow of life force/prana in your body. Some of the physical benefits include:

  • A quieting of mental chatter and increase in mental clarity
  • An increase in vital life force energy, more aliveness
  • Release of toxins from the cells
  • Deep stress release and lower blood pressure
  • Brain and organs are stimulated to work more efficiently
  • An increase in the body’s natural ability to heal itself

On mental and emotional level, it supports your subtle body by keeping the chakras clear and energy channels open increasing your flow of life force throughout leaving you feeling energized yet calm and relaxed as old emotions and mental programs unwind and release and a sense of well being and joy to take hold. You can enter a state of absolute bliss with the breath.

It is very supportive of any spiritual practice as it helps keep old energy you are processing moving out as you do your healing work.

On a spiritual level it supports you to merge with your own inner wisdom and authentic/divine nature.

Amyris has been teaching others conscious breath since 2005. Her journey with breath work started in 1995 when she was initiated into Sudarshan Kriya, a yogic form of breathing. After experiencing powerful healing of old fears, shame, anger and more, she realized she had found one of the most powerful self healing tools available. In continuing her practice she quickly began to experience deeper states of peace, a quieting of the mind and a connection to Source that inspired her onto her path of service.

More recently Amyris has been guided to bring forth a breath work practice that will help facilitate the merging of your human and Divine Self, through the Sacred Heart.

Benefits of Energy Mastery

Everything is energy. Our bodies are energy, our thoughts are energy, there is nothing but a large field of vibrating particles of energy. To start, learning how to clear your field and manage your own energy, can help you serve, heal and transform the world in greater ways. Understanding energy is key in the new paradigm we live in. Intention, alignment with Spirit, and breath can reorganize energy to create a more divine state for yourself and humanity as a whole.

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