Crystalline Consciousness/Oneness Meditation – Teleconference

Just as the image of a crystal is seen in the mirror, so the bliss which is consciousness is reflected in the Self and the realization comes, “Indeed, I am that.” Verse 114 Guru Gita

The more you receive the Crystalline: heart hands
  • The more you integrate your light body. Merging the light body with the physical body raises your vibration 
  • The more you clear your karma
  • The more you free yourself to live the life you choose

The next 60-minute teleconference is Wednesday February 5th at 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Register Below.

Jennifer offers a guided meditation/activation once a month over the phone working with the grounding energies of Mother Earth and Crystalline Consciousness. We will be clearing our energetic field of all the stuff we ‘pick up’ out there leaving us feeling lighter and brighter. We will also be activating our Crystalline DNA and Crystalline Heart to shift our sense of awareness from the head to the heart helping us to feel more present, dropping our stories and problems and enjoying ‘what is’ in the moment.

Mother Earth is a natural healer able to clear unwanted energies and restore balance and calm to our bodies. The Crystalline energy has an innate intelligence which allows the clearing and activation appropriate for each individual. The more Crystalline energy is received, the higher the individual raises their vibration and is able to hold more light and higher states of consciousness. The Sacred Heart, when activated, increases the vibration of Love which acts like a purifying flame that transmutes karma, old emotional wounds and expands our light. To learn more about the Crystalline Energy click here.

There are international call in numbers for those of you out of the country, you can also dial in directly from  your computer. Email for instructions.

The energy exchange is $20. You will receive the call in number and access code via email the day before.

Thank you for carrying the light. See you in the Sacred Center of the Heart.

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