Private Sessions

Private Sessions

“Everything I do is to help people find their inner wisdom and their answers within themselves, and to find God within.”

Amyris is able to see and bring to the surface the emotional, mental, and energetic blocks that keep a persons fullest potential, their divine nature, from shining through. Amyris aligns with Spirit bring through the Love, information, and energy to help people transform their consciousness and their lives while also empowering them with self mastery skills to embody their divine nature and highest potential for joy and freedom. She meets people exactly where they are at in their personal journey and offers what they need most in the moment.

A private session has immense emotional benefits as well as physical benefits. Core emotional patterns can be released, hidden karmic issues brought to awareness and cleared, activation of one’s life force energy, heart energy, and personal abilities for self healing can all be part of a session. Many express feeling more integrated throughout their being, more centered in their core, a deep sense of peace, and connected to their hearts desires. The energy transmission from a private session can also reset your nervous system releasing stored stress and trauma out of your body on a cellular level and rewire your neural pathways helping you to reprogram unwanted thought patterns and quiet the mind. You will also walk away with the confidence and some new skills you will have for life to use in your own transformational journey.

“A powerful Love exists within each one of us. This Love when awakened heals from within and leaves one with a sense of oneness, peace, and passion for life as well as inner access to universal wisdom and grace.”

With Love,

Sessions are over the phone or Skype. In person sessions are available in Ojai, CA.

Pricing for individual and packaged sessions

Packages are non refundable. If there are extenuating circumstances you may discuss them with Amyris for special consideration. Packages and portions there of are transferable.

*First time clients receive $50 off a 60 or 90 minute session*

30 minute sessions available at $100

60 minutes
1 –  $200
3 –  $570
6 –  $1080
9 –  $1530

90 minutes
1 –  $285
3 –  $812
6 –  $1539
9 –  $2180


Cancellation Policy: 24 hour cancellation notice required or full session fee will be charged.

Request a Session

Fill out the form below to request a session, or call Amyris directly at (805) 798-1908. Amyris is currently out of the country but still offering sessions, you can text or call this number using WhatsApp otherwise please use the form.

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