The Embodiment of Love

What is the Goddess? The Goddess resides within every woman. She is our life force energy,our passion and enthusiasm for life, our wild and free self. But she isn’t always fully awake within us. When we peel away the layers of insecurity, fear, wounds from the past, and the stories of who we ‘think’ we are, or who we are trying to be what’s left is our authentic nature. The Powerful, Wise, Sensual, Free Woman at our core.

Awakening the Goddess Within is a journey of love, one that will take you into your heart and into your feminine nature. It will bring to the surface the love and wisdom that resides deep within every woman. It will increase or reconnect you to your sexual energy and your sensuality and connect both of these with your heart. Awakening the Goddess Within is for women of all ages whether you are sexually active or not, whether you are in menopause or not.

“Our sexual energy is about much more than sex. When our sexual energy is alive and flowing we have passion for life. We radiate ‘something’ that everyone is attracted to, men and women alike. Why? Because, when our sexual energy is connected to the love in our hearts we begin to radiate the essence of unconditional love, ecstatic aliveness, gentle power and confidence. This work also offers a deeper connection with your heart. When we dive deep into our heart, a new awakening and self-discovery unfolds revealing inner wisdom, intuition, and our hearts true desires.”






Experience Awakening the Goddess Within over the course of five, 60 minute video and phone sessions done at a pace that is suitable for you. This will be determined in your first session. It also includes 15 minute check-ins between sessions for any additional questions.You can purchase 1 session at a time or receive an 11% discount for the package.

Private Session Series Includes

  • 5 60-minute sessions
  • 4 15-minute check-ins between sessions.
  • All private sessions include a written daily practice for your convenience to continue the flowering and unfoldment of your sexuality, sensuality, and unconditional love.

Email [email protected] for a free 20 minute consultation.

Package: $888

Individual Session: $199

This series will also help you to permanently awaken this energy within yourself so you too feel THE Goddess within you. Other names for THE Goddess are Shakti, Divine Mother, Mother God, The Divine Feminine. Many women share a healing and union of the Feminine and Masculine energies within themselves.

The Series Includes:

An activation of energy points in the body to wake up your sensuality, passion, and enthusiasm for life using light touch by you and breath.

A simple yet profound tantric sadhana (devotional practice) to make your experience of of every day life rich, sensual, and alive. Leaving you feeling more connected to everything around.

A powerful meditation connecting you with your own inner wisdom and guidance. You will learn to listen and hear your heart’s desires rather than the minds.

A final practice to bring it all together so you can live your life as embodied love.

The 5 Steps to Awakening of the Goddess Within

    1. Sacred Yoni Awakening

    This is an energetic experience that is felt physically throughout the entire body. In many ancient spiritual paths the yoni has been revered as a gateway to the divine. In modern times we have been taught to be ashamed of it, or just plain numb to it or out of touch with its beauty. On a very practical level, awakening this energy can help a woman feel more centered and grounded. It can help balance hormones affecting our entire endocrine system as well as bring more clarity and focus to the mind. At the level of healing, activating these points on the body can trigger wounds around sex and sexuality. This is a gift and an opportunity to free ourselves from the past and move forward with inner peace and harmony. On the most profound level it awakens a powerful energy within you that will forever change how you experience everyday life making it more enjoyable while also feeling more sensual and connected to your body.

    2. Beyond the Ordinary Experience of Love

    What if you could feel the same love you feel for the most precious person in your life for everything and everyone around you? What if you WERE that love and it was more than what you felt it was the nature of your being? What if the love you feel is actually coming from within you and is not dependent on anything other than you. When we tap into to this love we feel totally ‘in love’ with everything and any external stimulus is not necessary. I remember a teacher of mine many years ago looking at me and smiling, and saying “One day you will be madly in love with everyone.” At the time I couldn’t comprehend being totally in love with everyone!? But, I trusted him and years later I got it. This also includes being in love with yourself for we literally become love and love becomes transpersonal and we are love loving love. This is the truth of the Goddess within us all. The Goddess is love. In this session we will re-create our understanding and our experience of love with a powerful and playful practice.

    3. What Do I Do With All This Love? Aligning With Your Hearts True Desires

    When love takes over our bodies and minds our entire world looks different. Our every day experience of life can somehow feel richer and more gratifying than before without us having to change anything. It can also however put us onto a different path if the one we are currently on does not honor your heart’s desire for a full and passionate life. Worry not, any changes made will feel more in harmony with who you are and natural for you to experience. You may also notice the desire to lovingly serve others. For this is a natural urge when we feel whole and complete, and full of love. In this session we will listen carefully to your heart and hear the whispers coaxing you onto your greatest path of joy.

    4. Managing Key Energy Points in Your Body

    In this session we will continue lovingly working with our bodies. Learning to work with certain energy points throughout your body allows it to continue flowering open to even greater feelings of love and ecstasy. It also gives you the freedom to determine how you feel sexually and sensually. How you feel is not determined by anything or anyone outside of you. This gives you a sense of confidence as a sensual being. It is your energy to share with whomever you want or to simply enjoy yourself. You will find that when you own your sexual energy it does not need an outlet. That becomes purely choice. Increasing your sexual energy enhances your creativity and your sense of vitality.

    5. A Living Breathing Goddess

    Self acceptance and self love are key here. To be fully embodied we need to be fully accepting and loving of all parts of our self. We will use the wisdom and purifying energy of our hearts to bring up and release any self criticisms and judgments our mind has about us until what’s left is our pure authentic self. We will also take everything we have learned and practiced and weave it all together. Being a living breathing goddess is not a doing rather a state of being. Embodying the wisdom, the love, and the practices so that they feel part of you is the final goal. This state of being is as natural to you as breathing and you will recognize it as your authentic nature. Once awakened the inner goddess will continue to unfold. It can be no other way. May joyful living and profound love be yours.

    Awaken Your Goddess Within


    Experience Awakening the Goddess Within over the course of five, 60 minute video and phone sessions done at a pace that is suitable for you. This will be determined in your first session. It also includes 15 minute check-ins between sessions for any additional questions.You can purchase 1 session at a time or receive an 11% discount for the package.

    Private Session Series Includes

    • 5 60-minute sessions
    • 4 15-minute check-ins between sessions.
    • All private sessions include a written daily practice for your convenience to continue the flowering and unfoldment of your sexuality, sensuality, and unconditional love.

    Email [email protected] for a free 20 minute consultation.

    Package: $888

    Individual Session: $199


    Previously the Awakening the Goddess Within steps were only available through live events and private sessions. Now they are available for women everywhere in a book!


    Every group event includes a written daily practice for your convenience to continue the flowering and unfoldment of your sexuality, sensuality, and unconditional love.

    Awakening the Goddess Within 5 Week Series

    November 2nd, 2018 through December 7th, 2018

    11/2 from 7pm-9pm “Sacred Yoni Awakening” at Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary

    11/10 from 11am – 1pm “Beyond the Ordinary Experience of Love” at Alice Keck Park in Santa Barbara, CA

    11/16 from 7pm – 9pm “Aligning with Your Hearts True Desires” at Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary

    11/30 from 7pm-9pm “Managing Key Energy Points on your Body” at Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary

    12/7 from 7-9pm “Embodying the Goddess – the Wisdom Within” at Pura Luna Women’s Apothecary

    Each class is $40 pre-register or $45 day of
    email [email protected] to register

    Awakening the Goddess within Retreat

    All 5 Steps

    September 29th & 30th, 2019 @ 10am – 6pm both days Sold Out – Stay tuned for more upcoming retreats.

    • Private Residence in Ojai, CA
    • All 5 steps
    • Cost: $222. (Early bird $199 before September 16th)

    Email [email protected] to register.

    Step 1 Sacred Yoni Awakening

    May 6th, 2019, 4-6pm in person

    • Hamsa Studios 109 E. El Roblar, Ojai, CA
    • $50 in advance $60 day of

    Email [email protected] to register.

    Step 1 – Sacred Yoni Awakening

    February 17th, 2019, 2-4:30pm

    Heart Space/School of Multidimensional Healing Arts & Sciences
    18271 McDurmott West, Suite H
    Irvine, CA

    Email [email protected] to register.

    Here’s what women are saying about the Awakening the Goddess Within techniques!

    “The Awakening the Goddess within Retreat was such a powerful and beautiful experience. Every practice felt so easy to do and so great! I had so many moments of total bliss and when things came up that were ready to move, Amyris gave me her presence and the tools I needed to move through them. Doing this work with other women made it all the more rich. What we each brought to the group was wonderful and really helped me integrate the work even more. I highly recommend this retreat. It helped me to transmute my feelings of anger towards men, to see my power and my biggest take away was, I have a strong and blissed out woman inside who loves everyone unconditionally and now I know how to bring her out.”

    I was fortunate enough to participate in Amyris’ series in person. Through her work she is able to guide you to your own power. So much healing, this is the first time I was able to fully embody and own my divine feminine and sensuality so completely. Through the work she guides you through, you focus on your power, self-love, loving everything around you, and then directing that energy into what your heart truly wants. I had SO MUCH change in the BEST way through her work, it was kind of shocking… Highly recommend!

    “You helped open my heart like it has never been opened before and taught me how to use the love in it and I am finally in the relationship I’ve always wanted as a sexually free and sovereign woman.”

    “I feel like the heart/yoni breathing connects me to my higher self. It feels so grounding and empowering.”

    “I always experienced a little pain and discomfort during sex. After my private session with you it was just gone! That night I started laughing with joy during sex with my boyfriend. I was so happy to be free of the discomfort.”

    “I never realized how important connecting to my yoni is for grounding.”

    How This Work Came To Be

    Awakening The Goddess Within first came to me in a jungle house in Costa Rica. I thought I was going there to work offering retreats. The Goddess had other plans. I was going to be energetically aligned and open the channels between myself, Inanna, and Devi, two powerful female non-physical beings who once walked this earth and fully embodied their Divine nature, as well as to further embody my own Divine self, the goddess within me. I went into the yogi cave so to speak, for 3 months barely talking to anyone or doing much at all, spending most of my time deep in meditation, working with my energy, or processing out old fear and limiting beliefs that blocked my ability to stay present as my divine self. The channels of communication between me, Inanna, Devi, and my higher self where wide open and I was divinely guided through the process I am going to share in this book. It was quite the journey.


    They gave me the information for each exercise, the wisdom and understanding behind it and then I would experience the energetic activations which would lead to bliss and ecstasy or sometimes trigger personal and collective wounds that needed healing. It was also necessary for me to clear much of my own shadow and egoic identities ie: the little voices that tell stories of lack, fear, not good enough, the usual sub conscious self sabotage stuff. That is the value of the jungle and the point of being on personal retreat. It is very easy to see deep into the hidden cracks and dark corners of ones own consciousness. It felt as if nothing could hide, it was all going to come up, everything that could block me from being a clear channel for what wanted to come through. Sometimes it was so intense I wanted to quit, get off the planet, or be someone else. But the moments of pure embodiment, ecstasy and bliss were so profound, feeling so whole and complete and as if all there was left to do was love, love more, and serve others, it kept me going through the darkest clearings of pain, sadness, and fear.

    At one point Spirit showed me a vision of the magnitude of the awakening that was about to take place on the planet. I was shown how every woman activated became a vessel for the Goddess too and how quickly the number of women would spread. I understood the importance of what was happening and realized how meniscal my fears and any processing I had to go through was in order to be able to serve and be part of something so wonderful. A full body, 100% yes was needed from me to be able to fulfill my part. I was even tempted with a romance from a man I felt so much love for. One day I went up a mountain to practice qi gong and I was shown to one side a life with him which included getting entangled in drama and pulled away from the path I was being guided down, and on the other side I was shown myself in a state of full embodiment and bliss. It was a no-brainer for me, I chose full embodiment. I was then told later that he was a test. For in the past relationship has pulled me away from my Self. It was nice to see how easily and quickly I chose to honor myself and my embodiment this time. This doesn’t mean I can’t be in relationship, it means before I can really be in relationship, honoring the divine in another, I must first fully love myself and honor, and embody the goddess within me. I also realized there was no romantic experience I could have that would fulfill me like full embodiment of my own divine nature and loving and serving others first. From this place of loving myself and honoring my embodiment, a relationship is a beautiful gift.

    The moments of feeling so whole, complete and overflowing with love had me totally devoted to being able to sustain full embodiment for myself and help others do the same for I knew that this was the only way to really change the world, by us awakening to the love that we truly are. The Goddess within us is love. THE Goddess is love.

    These practices are full of love, light and wisdom from Inanna and Devi to assist you in finding your greatest Truth, the Love, Power, and Wisdom within you, THE Goddess within you, so you too can live in freedom and joy. And just by being who you are, an awakened being, you will serve your human family and the whole planet.

    I would like to be clear. While these particular practices are focused towards women, THE Goddess resides within us all, as does the divine masculine. During my very first private session using Step 1, the divine masculine energy came in to support the awakening of the Goddess. It was a powerful and beautiful blend of energies. We are all, men and women, masculine and feminine. Balancing these two energies within us is crucial for full embodiment. So while focusing on the Goddess within, allow the love and presence of the divine masculine to support you. Thousands of years ago our society was matriarchal. It has been patriarchal for the last 5,000 years. While it seems we are focused only on the feminine energy right now, the intention is not to re-create a matriarchal society, it is actually a necessary step to create the balanceof the masculine and feminine on this planet.

    With this practice we will focus on solo cultivation of the sexual energy within us. Learning to cultivate your own sexual energy and be energetically sovereign is an important step before practicing dual cultivation. Learning to manage and cultivate your own energy first then allows you to have sexual energy to share. It is also important to learn to ground your energy before engaging with someone else. Loving yourself, desiring yourself is necessary before desiring another. If we don’t stay connected within our self and stay grounded within our self before we give our self to another we can get wrapped up in them and caught up in their energy, lose our self and attachment and co-dependency can happen. In the path of Tantra, a tantrika does not have attachment. She/he sees the Divine in everything therefore there can be no loss only a natural flow of life from one thing to the next loving and desiring everything in the moment. Attachment implies something is separate from you and can be lost. This is the viewpoint of the ego. It is fear based. Belief in separation creates fear. When we allow things to come and go flowing through our life seeing it all as the Divine, we honor the natural flow of what is meant to be without resisting therefore allowing for grace to bless our lives knowing the next experience will be the Divine as well, whatever it is. A relationship may end or it may last, we don’t worry about this, we just honor the beauty of the divine in the moment.

    May these practices support you to embody more of the truth that resides within you.  
    With Love and devotion,


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