Your own breath has the ability to connect you to your Divine Self. You can literally breathe it in. Merging the personality and higher self into one. Breath is essential for meditation. It relaxes the body, focuses the mind and increases prana or vital life force energy and this helps create a safe container for kundalini to rise.

Most of us do not breathe properly, we have forgotten how!

Some benefits of Conscious Breathing with your higher self are…

Physical benefits – Proper breathing yields profound health benefits. Such has the circulation of blood, oxygen and hormones throughout our bodies. Deep belly breathing massages and nourishes our organs stimulating them to operate more efficiently. It brings oxygen to the brain helping it to function more efficiently as well. It also release toxins in the cells and increases the vital life force energy (chi or prana) overall in our bodies which increases the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Mental benefits – When we are not conscious of the breath, our mind can become cloudy and noisy due to lack of oxygen and life force energy. Staying conscious of the breath keeps the mind quiet and clear and leaves us feeling centered and balanced throughout our nervous system. Deep belly breathing helps us stay fully present in our bodies and in the moment. When we do not fully occupy our bodies, we are susceptible to other energies coming in and influencing our feeling states. Conscious breath helps us stay connected to our higher self and fully IN our bodies.

Emotional benefits -It moves the vital life force energy through our  channels and chakras where we store old emotions, trauma,  and congested energy. The breath helps clear them out leaving more room for joy and love to fill in those spaces. It also increases the positive functioning of the chakra. Some examples are: 1st chakra – feeling safe and grounded. 2nd – creativity, sensuality, soothing energy. 3rd – excitement, drive, passion, confidence. 4th – oneness, unconditional love. 5th – ability to speak and express yourself in the world. 6th – intuition, inner vision. 7th – connection to Source/The Divine. Thoughts and emotions are energy and breath moves energy.

Spiritual Benefits – All these wonderful benefits you receive on the physical and subtle levels can help you access and maintain higher states of consciousness and this allows a deeper connection to your own divine nature. The vibrant life force energy of the breath will raise your vibration bringing you closer to the vibration of your Divine Self making the merge or embodiment easier. This can be experienced as sense of breathing as one with your own higher self or dropping into a breathless state of deep absorption also known as Samadhi, zero point, or still point and merging with the Infinite. Oneness.


About Kundalini

Kundalini is a living consciousness housed within our own bodies. It can awaken in any chakra or find it’s way through various energy channels however, this can cause many problems such as physical pain, emotional trauma or a feeling of being very spaced out and ungrounded. This is known as Kundalini Syndrome. The safest and most beneficial path is to awaken Kundalini in the root chakra first and bring it up through the central channel also known as the Sushumna.


How can I manage this powerful energy within me?

It is a common misunderstanding that Kundalini only rises spontaneously and cannot be controlled as this has been the experience for many. Through careful research and the wisdom passed down from those masters who have attained a full Kundalini awakening, safe and effective methods are becoming more and more available to the general public. There are more people having Kundalini experiences at this time than ever before.


What are the benefits of raising kundalini?

As Kundalini pierces through the center of the chakras, each opening of that chakra offer’s it’s own beautiful gifts… a release of fear and an increase in vitality, sexual energy and creativity, an expanded feeling of unconditional love and connection with everything around you. Abilities deemed super natural become active such as increased intuition allowing you to embody a higher wisdom, clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathic connection with others, and more. A sense of being deeply connected to Source within you, a sense of waking up and coming home, a feeling of unbridled joy and freedom as you see with clarity the Truth of what really IS. Spontaneous laughter for no apparent reason is a sign of Kundalini awakening.

Even a partial rising can balance and stabilize your personality. It can balance your nervous system and endocrine system.


How can my breath help awaken kundalini?

Learning skills in conscious breathing will help create the right conditions for the body and mind to raise Kundalini in a safe, effective and lasting way. Conscious breathing can relax the body and mind and increase the flow of prana, also known as chi or life force energy, throughout the body. Used in conjunction with the deliberate release of hormones from the endrocine system by generating specific feeling states, a safe container for Kundalini to rise is then created minimizing the risk of Kundalini Syndrome. Kundalini Awakening is as much a biological experience as it is a spiritual one. It is the biological transformation of the body and mind.


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