#3 Awakening Christ Consciousness Within Only

Below Workshop Part 1 - Letting go and expanding into the viewpoint of the soul beyond the body and mind. Below Practice session #1 Below Practice session #2

An Energy Transmission

It is through the awakening of Christ Consciousness within that we begin to realize the power we have within ourselves to create a better world. It is in fact us that will make the change. The 2nd coming of Christ is not about a saviour returning, it is not about the Christian religion, it is part of the process of ascension common to all people and all religions. It is in fact the awakening of Christ Consciousness within us all. Christ Consciousness is a frequency that will activate the Truth that exists in our own heart. Jesus set an example for ALL people when he said “Yee shall do as I have done and even greater”. This statement leads us to the awareness that Jesus was in fact an example of what we are capable of and it points to a place in time when we will realize it. That time has come. Jesus was one in a line of many avatars who came to show us the truth of who we really are and our Oneness with Source. He was a world server as was Buddha, Hermes, Krishna and more. All of the Siddhis, Saints, and Masters served the One Universal Truth that is beyond religion. They came at different times, giving us the information we needed to take the next evolutionary step towards an enlightened world. There us nothing wrong with religion or paths, they all serve a purpose, to bring us closer to the One Universal Truth that is beyond them all.

The One Universal Truth

Within each one of us exists the sacred heart. The sacred heart is where Christ Consciousness resides. Awakening the sacred heart connects us to Universal Love of all beings including a deeper love of ourselves and shifts us to the viewpoint of our soul which already knows itself as one with the Divine. Many claim with the opening of the Sacred Heart that they feel real unconditional love for the first time. This allows us to see the Divine in all things. It is a shift in viewpoint from the individual self to the Greater Self where we shed limitation and begin to know our greatest potential, where we shift from survival to service, where we bring all aspects of ourselves back into wholeness. Awakening the Sacred Heart connects you to the feeling of coming home, of arriving, of finding that which you have always sought. It allows for greater compassion and Universal Wisdom to come through you.

In this workshop we will locate, contemplate, and activate the Sacred Heart within. With the help of our higher selves, guides, and the Christ Consciousness frequency.


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