Self Mastery Conscious Breath & Kundalini Only

Below Workshop Part 1 Divine Grace, Prana, Kundalini, Divine Self Below Workshop Part 2 Body Intelligence, Massage, Deep Scan Below Workshop Part 3 Breath work Initiation Below practice session #1

In this workshop we will learn specific skills to safely and permanently awaken kundalini within us. We will also learn how to use our breath to increase the flow of energy in our body also known as chi or prana, to help unwind old emotions we are ready to let go of. We will also practice a breath work exercise to connect us with our higher self.

About Kundalini As Kundalini pierces through the center of the chakras, each opening of that chakra offer’s it’s own beautiful gifts…

  • A release of fear and increase in confidence and feeling grounded
  • A release of shame and guilt and an increase in youthful vitality, sexual energy and creativity
  • A release of worry and anxiety and an increase in passion and enthusiasm for life
  • A release of sadness and grief and an expanded feeling of unconditional love and connection with everything around you.

Abilities deemed super natural become active such as increased intuition clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathic connection with others, and more. Even a partial rising can balance and stabilize your personality. It can balance your nervous system and endocrine system.

About Your Breath Your breath has the power to increase the flow of energy in your body known as chi or prana which creates a safe container for kundalini to rise. It also will help unwind old, unwanted emotions from the past and connects to higher states of consciousness.


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