• #3 Awakening Christ Consciousness Within Only

    0 Lessons

    An Energy Transmission It is through the awakening of Christ Consciousness within that we begin to realize the power we have within ourselves to create a better world. It is in fact us that will make the change. The 2nd coming of Christ is not about a saviour returning, it is not about the Christian religion, it […]

  • Self Mastery Conscious Breath & Kundalini Only

    0 Lessons

    In this workshop we will learn specific skills to safely and permanently awaken kundalini within us. We will also learn how to use our breath to increase the flow of energy in our body also known as chi or prana, to help unwind old emotions we are ready to let go of. We will also […]

  • Self-Mastery Online Course

    7 Lessons $600.00

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