Karma Clearing Gathering & Playshop – Live

Let go of old emotional wounds and blocks and replace them with light while receiving a Crystalline energy transmission to help activate your physical, subtle, and spiritual bodies on all levels. Activating our Crystalline Light bodies, helps us to hold more light and higher states of consciousness such as joy, love and peace. An overall sense of well being sets in.

This is always a fun and transformational gathering centered in the heart and truth of your being. A truly wonderful community of people.

At The H.E.A.L. Center. 206 N. Signal St. Suite H. Ojai, CA.
Please call if you have any questions. 805-798-1908

Suggested energy exchange $20

Upcoming Dates 10/7, 10/21, 10/28

“As I was leaving someone told me I looked different than when I came in. I came in feeling irritated and disconnected and left feeling light, lifted and clear. These group sessions are so amazing that I don’t want to miss any of them from now on.”
Lana Bos

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