I received a wonderful session from Amyris I want to express my gratitude for. She immediately got the message from my guides as to what we were going to work with and that was exactly what I wanted, to clear my channels so that I could more easily connect with my guides. I received so many great tools to continue to practice. When I got to the session I felt tired and blah and I left feeling light and excited. The messages she received from my guides were so spot on and she is brilliant at clearing old mental and emotional programs and old karma. I let go of a lot of struggle and replaced it with grace. I felt immediately after the session how easy life really is when we let go of struggle. She is a powerful and amazing healer and I am definitely coming back for more to fine tune my channels and become so clear myself. So Amyris is in my tool kit of important healers to work with to empower my path so I can share my gifts with the world and step into my confidence and let go of feeling insecurity and self doubt.
So a big thanks Amyris with all my heart.



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