Loving yourself! It’s that simple. When we truly love ourselves, we don’t feel a need for anything outside of us and we are free to give and flow love out, create whatever we want and be of service just for the pure joy of it. This does not mean we shouldn’t receive love, of course we should. However, feel into this… feel what it is like to truly love yourself and receive love without any expectation or need to receive love. Now feel what it is like to need to get love to feel better. Feels very different doesn’t it? The truth is, all the love we will ever need is within us and all the rest coming our way is just a beautiful dance and flow of it swirling around and being reflected back to us. In fact, if you aren’t full from within you might not be even able to really receive what wants to come to you from another.

The most powerful love you will experience is the love your own soul has for you. Embodying your Soul, your Divine Self, is filling up with Love from within. How do we do that? We first choose it to be so, then we prepare our bodies to hold a higher frequency than what we currently vibrate at. This is not a one time experience then boom your done, it is a process. Many of you may be well underway with it. I have found that if we do not do the work to allow our bodies to run more life force energy consistently, and activate the sacred heart then the beautiful experience of fully embodied Love will come and go, drifting in and out in peak experiences yet, unsustainable. Luckily there are many tools to learn to consciously manage your life force energy and open and expand your energy channels. Breath, specific physical movements, and learning to use the mind to direct it is essential.

The Breath of Oneness workshops are expanding to include more techniques for you to learn and practice in your own integration process.

May we all fill up from within and send Love and Peace out into the field of consciousness that connects us all.

One Love, One Mind, One Breath!

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