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There are currently no online or live breathwork events being offered.

The  Self Mastery Workshop Series will begin September 17th.


MONDAY March 7th


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This is a gentle breath work practice that unwinds unwanted emotions, karma, and stress out of the body on a cellular level while increasing your vital life force energy also known as chi or prana! 

Trouble Meditating? We will be doing a short meditation at the end. Breath work is essential for any meditation practice. It quiets the mind, relaxes the body and increases vital life force energy (prana or chi) helping the individual be in a prime state of being for a deep meditation.

Join us for ecstatic breath from the comfort of your own home.
* Increase your vital life force energy also known as chi or prana
* Clear out stuck energy that is weighing you down
* Breath as One with your Divine Self
* Enliven your entire being!!!
Experience the immense healing benefits of your own breath. You will be guided through a simple and easy breath practice that will re-activate your body’s natural ability to breathe as you are meant to breathe, deeply connectd to your body and continuously circulating energy throughout your entire being.

Benefits of Conscious Breath and Meditation:

  • You begin to feel more grounded and centered.
  • On a conscious level you become more present and aware, grounded and at peace.
  • On a subconscious level it helps you to become of aware of thought patterns running under the surface that may be causing unwanted feelings or circumstances.
  • On a super-conscious level you can experience an increase in your intuition and your ability to feel what’s right in each moment. You feel more connected to your higher/divine self.

Conscious Breath as a tool for Merging with your Divine Self

Your own breath has the ability to connect you to your Divine Self. You can literally breathe it in. Merging the personality and higher self into one. Breath also helps create a safe container for kundalini to rise.

Most of us do not breathe properly, we have forgotten how.

More benefits of Conscious Breathing with your higher self.

Physical benefits – Proper breathing yields profound health benefits. Such has the circulation of blood, oxygen and hormones throughout our bodies. Deep belly breathing massages and nourishes our organs stimulating them to operate more efficiently. It brings oxygen to the brain helping it to function more efficiently as well. It also release toxins in the cells and increases the vital life force energy (chi or prana) overall in our bodies which increases the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Mental benefits – When we are not conscious of the breath, our mind can become cloudy and noisy due to lack of oxygen and life force energy. Staying conscious of the breath keeps the mind quiet and clear and leaves us feeling centered and balanced throughout our nervous system. Deep belly breathing helps us stay fully present in our bodies and in the moment. When we do not fully occupy our bodies, we are susceptible to other energies coming in and influencing our feeling states. Conscious breath helps us stay connected to our higher self and fully IN our bodies. 

Emotional benefits -It moves the vital life force energy through our  channels and chakras where we store old emotions, trauma,  and congested energy. The breath helps clear them out leaving more room for joy and love to fill in those spaces. It also increases the positive functioning of the chakra. Some examples are: 1st chakra – feeling safe and grounded. 2nd – creativity, sensuality, soothing energy. 3rd – excitement, drive, passion, confidence. 4th – oneness, unconditional love. 5th – ability to speak and express yourself in the world. 6th – intuition, inner vision. 7th – connection to Source/The Divine. Thoughts and emotions are energy and breath moves energy.

Spiritual Benefits – All these wonderful benefits you receive on the physical and subtle levels can help you access and maintain higher states of consciousness and this allows a deeper connection to your own divine nature. The vibrant life force energy of the breath will raise your vibration bringing you closer to the vibration of your Divine Self making the merge or embodiment easier. This can be experienced as sense of breathing as one with your own higher self or dropping into a breathless state of deep absorption also known as Samadhi, zero point, or still point and merging with the Infinite. Oneness.

“Breath has been the most powerful tool I have used for the last 20 years. It always comes back to the breath.” – Amyris

Here is a excerpt from “Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue” from Neal Donald Walsch

“You are asking me for tools,

and I am giving them to you.


Breathe long and deep.

Breathe slowly and gently.

Breathe in the soft, sweet nothingness of life,

so full of energy, so full of love.

It is God’s love you are breathing.

Breathe deeply and you can feel it.

Breathe very, very deeply and the love will make you cry.

For Joy.

For you have met your  God,

and your God has introduced you to your soul.”


Please join us for a special gathering as we breathe our human and divine self into One.

Please dress comfortably in loose clothing

Have a glass of water

Be prepared to open your heart and expand your consciousness

May love guide you along your way.

With Love,


One Heart! One Mind! One Breath!


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