And So It Is

Everything’s eternal, simply changing shape

Stardust becomes sand dunes, on a whim God creates

Dancing particles of light, making up the dream

In a sea of Oneness, only Love is seen

So worry not what before you next appears

Be it demons and dragons, saints and siddhis, your joy or greatest fear

To attach to one or the other pulls you further from the truth

In the realm of opposites, true freedom will be aloof

Embrace it ALL, know ALL is Love and experience it with great depth

Hug it close and feel it all until nothing is left

For all will slip away as the particles reform

Through Will and Spoken Word a new game is born.

And So It Is

~ Amyris ~



 A Love Poem 

See Love sparkling behind every set of eyes

Her true face so cleverly disguised

Pretending to be an-other, separate and unknown

As we shed illusion, the wiser we have grown

You’ll not fool us Love, we see you behind there

In every blade of grass, in each moment to pass

We see you everywhere

So from this place, I’ll play the game

The dance of the Divine

I bow to you Love and your grace

as you write this little rhyme 

 ~ Love, expressing as Amyris ~


The Sweetness of the Heart


I Surrender to the sweetness of the Heart

The all encompassing Love that transcends time and space begins to fill me

Gently dissolving walls, illusion, and pain

Washing them away as I merge into Oneness

The Sweetness of Being

And through the Heart of the One

A true Love peers out into the world

A pure and crystalline Love

It has no judgment, sees nothing wrong

It only sees itself in all that exists

So I surrender the self unto the Self

I surrender to the Love that is All

The Love that is Oneness

I surrender again and again

To the sweetness of the Heart

~ Amyris ~




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