Private Sessions

Private sessions are available by phone or Skype, or in person in Santa Barbara and Irvine CA. 90 minutes is recommended for your first session.

To schedule contact Amyris 805-798-1908 or     Click Here for pricing and payment options.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Appointments not cancelled within a 24 hour period will be charged a $75 fee.

FREE 20 MINUTE CONSULTATION FOR NEW CLIENTS! Contact Amyris to schedule yours! 

Private Session:

Amyris uses Conscious Breath, Intuitive Energy Medicine, and Self Mastery Coaching to assist you in shedding the past and allowing your hearts desires to come to life.

A private session has immense emotional benefits as well as physical benefits. Using the breath you can reset your nervous system releasing stored stress and trauma out of your body on a cellular level and rewire your neural pathways helping you to reprogram unwanted thought patterns. It also helps on a mental level. Many experience a quieting of the mind and deep relaxation.

Our highest version of ourself exists within each one of us. Our own breath and presence can unravel the shadow in the way and turn up that bright light within.

Self Mastery Coaching:                                                                                                      Awaken the Sacred Heart within & Merge your Divine and Human Self into One. With personalized skills you can take control of your own healing and transformation. Clear Energetic Blocks! Expand Your Consciousness! Connect to Your Inner Wisdom and Highest Potential! Awakening the sacred heart within connects us with a sense of Divine Love that is beyond what most have experienced love to be. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It is the alchemical fire that transmutes all other energies into love. It is the vibration that heals all wounds. It is in fact the only thing that is real. Fear, sadness, anger, guilt and more are all illusions and can be transmuted back into Love by Love, leaving one with a sense of peace and harmony with the world. This Divine Love exists within all of us and is accessible through the Sacred Heart. Merging of the Divine Self and Human Self. Once you have awakened your sacred heart, cleared enough karma and raised your vibration you can begin to merge your Divine Self and Human Self into One. The experience is a deepening of inner peace, a greater sense of self love and love for all people, and access to a deep knowing within on what exactly feels right for you in every moment. A more natural state of joy and light exudes from you. Life as whole becomes a more awe filled and joyful experience. This can be taught through a series of sessions.

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