Self-Mastery Course: Module 1

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5 reviews for Self-Mastery Course: Module 1

  1. Charlie Wedel

    Super powerful! Highly recommend

  2. Greg Beutler

    I was blessed to believe in myself and take a 7 month voyage of spiritual transformation with Amyris. Her Self Mastery classes helped me exercise and enhance my intuition. She is very supportive and a great teacher of these esoteric lessons. I am a much happier person and live more in my heart each day.

  3. Rebecca Nguyen

    I finally feel like I can do the things I want to do rather than responding or reacting to life circumstances. The things that used to bother me no longer have any power over me. Amyris teaches Love as the ultimate Truth.

    Throughout the workshops I was able to see progress in my spiritual practice as well as my home and work life. I healed my relationship with Love, God, and Life so much throughout this workshop, something I will always be grateful for.

  4. Kim Williams

    This workshop series was excellent! It was very experiential, my preferred method of learning. I was able to feel so much. I have a lot more clarity and understanding of myself as a divine human being, the ego self, and the nature of duality. I learned so many wonderful tools to continue my growth. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is ready to learn a lot about themselves and integrate their divine nature.

  5. David Wells

    Amyris is a loving and supportive facilitator who fully supports each students growth and understanding. She inspires you to move forward on your path and face your fears with courage. The classes are enjoyable, authentic and embrace everyone regardless of their background. The advances in yourself will exceed your expectations.

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