The Embodiment of Love

Weekend Retreat in Ojai, CA September 29th & 30th




What is the Goddess? The Goddess resides within every woman. When we peel away the layers of insecurity, fear, wounds from the past, and the stories of who we ‘think’ we are, when we peel it all away, what’s left is our authentic nature. The Powerful, Wise, Sensual Woman at our core.

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Awakening the Goddess Within is a journey of love, one that will take you into your heart and into your feminine nature. It will bring to the surface the love and wisdom that resides deep within every woman. It will increase or reconnect you to your sexual energy and your sensuality and connect both of these with your heart. Awakening the Goddess Within is for women of all ages whether you are sexually active or not, whether you are in menopause or not.

At this weekend retreat we will experience
* An activation of energy points in the body to wake up your sensuality, passion, and enthusiasm for life using light touch by you and breath.
* A simple yet profound practice to take your experience of love to a more universal level and connect more deeply with everything around you.
* A powerful meditation connecting you with your inner wisdom and guidance. You will learn to live from your heart’s desires rather than the minds.
* A final practice to bring it all together so you can live your life as embodied love.


The 5 Steps to Awakening of the Goddess Within

  1. Sacred Yoni Awakening
    This is an energetic experience that is felt physically throughout the entire body. In many ancient spiritual paths the yoni has been revered as a gateway to the divine. In modern times we have been taught to be ashamed of it, or just plain numb to it or out of touch with its beauty. On a very practical level, awakening this energy can help a woman feel more centered and grounded. It can help balance hormones affecting our entire endocrine system as well as bring more clarity and focus to the mind. At the level of healing, activating these points on the body can trigger wounds around sex and sexuality. This is a gift and an opportunity to free ourselves from the past and move forward with inner peace and harmony. On the most profound level it awakens a powerful energy within you that will forever change how you experience everyday life making it more enjoyable while also feeling more sensual and connected to your body.
  1. Beyond the Ordinary Experience of Love
    We’ve been taught that we receive love from outside if ourselves. We get love ‘from’ our mothers, men, friends, etc. While all this may be experienced and felt as true, underneath that is an even greater truth. That the love we feel is actually coming from within us and is not dependent on anything other than you. When we tap into to this love we feel totally ‘in love’ with everything and any external stimulus is not necessary. I remember a teacher of mine many years ago looking at me and smiling, and saying “One day you will be madly in love with everyone”. At the time I couldn’t comprehend being totally in love with everyone!? But, I trusted him and years later I got it. This also includes being in love with yourself for we literally become love and love becomes transpersonal and we are love loving love. This is the truth of the Goddess within us all. The Goddess is love. In this session we will re-create our understanding and our experience of love with a powerful and playful practice.
  1. What Do I Do With All This Love? Aligning With Your Hearts True Desires
    When love takes over our bodies and minds our entire world looks different. Our every day experience of life can somehow feel richer and more gratifying than before without us having to change anything. It can also however put us onto a different path if the one we are currently on does not honor your heart’s desire for a full and passionate life. Worry not, any changes made will feel more in harmony with who you are and natural for you to experience. You may also notice the desire to lovingly serve others. For this is a natural urge when we feel whole and complete, and full of love. In this session we will listen carefully to your heart and hear the whispers coaxing you onto your greatest path of joy.
  1. Managing Key Energy Points in Your Body
    In this session we will continue lovingly working with our bodies. Learning to work with certain energy points throughout your body allows it to continue flowering open to even greater feelings of love and ecstasy. It also gives you the freedom to determine how you feel sexually and sensually. How you feel is not determined by anything or anyone outside of you. This gives you a sense of confidence as a sensual being. It is your energy to share with whomever you want or to simply enjoy yourself. You will find that when you own your sexual energy it does not need an outlet. That becomes purely choice. Increasing your sexual energy enhances your creativity and your sense of vitality.
  1. Embodying the Goddess
    In this session we will take everything we have learned and practiced and weave it all together. Being a living breathing goddess is not a doing rather a state of being. Embodying the wisdom, the love, and the practices so that they feel part of you is the final goal. This state of being is as natural to you as breathing and you will recognize it as your authentic nature. Once awakened the inner goddess will continue to unfold. It can be no other way. May joyful living and profound love be yours.

Now I’m Ready to Register

“Our sexual energy is about much more than sex. When our sexual energy is alive and flowing we have a passion for life. We radiate ‘something’ that everyone is attracted to, men and women alike. Why? Because, when our sexual energy is connected to the love in our hearts we begin to radiate the essence of the divine. Unconditional love, ecstatic aliveness, gentle power and confidence are the virtues of our divine nature. I know for me it is what grounds me, and opens my heart so that I feel an overwhelming love for the whole world. When my sexual energy is running and my heart is open I also feel my connection to the wisdom and power within myself to take the steps to live a life that is truly rewarding and in alignment with the highest and best of all. This has been and continues to be a life changer for me and it is my honor to bring through this love, energy, and wisdom for other women.”

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