SET – Self Mastery Training

Self Mastery Training offers a specific set of skills that can be used to take charge of your own healing and awakening process. These skills work with the physical body (energy channels and chakras), the emotional body (clearing and healing wounds from the past), the mental body (clearing out old mental programs acquired by our parents or societal programming that no longer serves you), and the spiritual body (connecting you in deeply with your Higher Self, and Source). We are in truth, completely unlimited. It is only our self defeating thoughts that limit us! By applying these skills, you will experience rapid, transformation helping you to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration and they can be fun to practice, leading you on a journey of wonderment and Self Discovery. Self Empowerment is the way of the new paradigm and creating the life that brings you the most joy. It is the path to Freedom.

Included in the training is:

  • Connection with your Greater Self and Inner Guidance
  • Energy Awareness and Mastery
  • Body Awareness & Self Healing
  • Conscious Breath
  • Sound Healing

They can be taught in a series of 10 private sessions or 6 workshops.

Get SET for transformation – private sessions.

Check the events page for upcoming SET workshops.


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