Home & Land Clearing

Clearing the energy in your environment is as important as clearing your personal energy field. Events from the past can imprint the energy field in homes, offices, and in the land. Whether you are aware of these past events or not your emotional and physical bodies react to these energetic imprints and can cause tension or restlessness. Clearing the energy in your environment can give you a fresh start and bring a sense of ease and comfort to the body. It is important to do periodically even if it’s only been yourselves, family and friends in the space. We all experience a myriad of emotions over the course of time and we want to keep our space clear for optimum energetic health.

Space clearing is $125 per hour. Time will depend on the size of the building and it’s  energetic state. You can contact Amyris to do discuss an estimate.

805-798-1908 or email amyris@newworldguidance.com 

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