Each of my sessions with Amyris Wilson have been inspiring and empowering. Amyris is adept at “dropping in”—embodying pure, non-judgmental awareness—and in this Presence it is easier for me to gently see to the heart of the issues that are up for me. Her patient, intuitive guidance has helped me to identify and begin to release complex feelings and patterns. Having many years of experience on the “spiritual path,” Amyris has readily shared a wealth of great tools and techniques for expanding my experience of myself. In her Presence, it has been easier for me to have a sense of this expanded self, to be able to recognize and embody it outside my sessions with her. Amyris also is a powerful energy worker, and on quite a few occasions I’ve experienced significant energetic and physical changes through her hands-on technique. With all her obvious gifts and penetrating insight, Amyris has been very consistent in wanting me to discover my own Self, to find my own gifts, connection, and empowerment. She communicates with a great deal of consistency, wisdom, humility, and loving kindness. A rare and lovely being whose commitment to her own greater awareness is constantly inspiring, Amyris’ joy, authenticity, courage, and enthusiasm for deep healing are contagious!

Steve Schecter

Montecito, CA

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