Each of my sessions with Amyris Wilson have been inspiring and empowering. Amyris is adept at “dropping in”—embodying pure, non-judgmental awareness—and in this Presence it is easier for me to gently see to the heart of the issues that are up for me. Her patient, intuitive guidance has helped me to identify and begin to release complex feelings and patterns. Having many years of experience on the “spiritual path,” Amyris has readily shared a wealth of great tools and techniques for expanding my experience of myself. In her Presence, it has been easier for me to have a sense of this expanded self, to be able to recognize and embody it outside my sessions with her.  Amyris also is a powerful energy worker, and on quite a few occasions I’ve experienced significant energetic and physical changes through her hands-on technique. With all her obvious gifts and penetrating insight, Amyris has been very consistent in wanting me to discover my own Self, to find my own gifts, connection, and empowerment. She communicates with a great deal of consistency, wisdom, humility, and loving kindness. A rare and lovely being whose commitment to her own greater awareness is constantly inspiring, Amyris’ joy, authenticity, courage, and enthusiasm for deep healing are contagious!

Steve Schecter,

Montecito, CA


I have done over a dozen sessions with Amyris. As a result, I feel more grounded and am able to take action that I wouldn’t take before. I love myself more and am more confident. I sleep better, eat better, and my Kundalini energy has begun to rise.In one session, I was able to truly forgive myself, and others in my life. I felt great after that, and miracles began to happen in my relationships.I am so happy with my sessions. Thank you so much, Amyris, for all the work you provide.

 Anna Shi

My sessions with Amyris continue to empower me to move forward with clarity and focus.  From the first day I met her, I knew I found someone who practiced the ideals she shared with others: appreciation and gaining a deeper understanding of one’s life purpose, excellent lessons for me.  She helped me through an immensely challenging period of my life, not only supporting me and giving me tools to help me deal with a range of emotion, but also helping me to put it in perspective.
She is one of my most trusted advisors.I strongly recommend setting a time to meet Amyris.  I guarantee you it will be worth your time.

George Holstein
Tamarac, FL


“I received a wonderful session from Amyris I want to express my gratitude for. She immediately got the message from my guides as to what we were going to work with and that was exactly what I wanted, to clear my channels so that I could more easily connect with my guides. I received so many great tools to continue to practice. When I got to the session I felt tired and blah and I left feeling light and excited. The messages she received from my guides were so spot on and she is brilliant at clearing old mental and emotional programs and old karma. I let go of a lot of struggle and replaced it with grace. I felt immediately after the session how easy life really is when we let go of struggle. She is a powerful and amazing healer and I am definitely coming back for more to fine tune my channels and become so clear myself. So Amyris is in my tool kit of important healers to work with to empower my path so I can share my gifts with the world and step into my confidence and let go of feeling insecurity and self doubt.
So a big thanks Amyris with all my heart.”                                                                                                                                                                                                        Lana Bos                                                                                                                    Ojai, CA

Amyris is truly gifted in her ability to receive and conduct the high clear energies of Spirit for healing and transformation. During my session I felt streaming currents of energy flowing through her hands into and through my body, helping to release and transmute areas of contraction. Each time a certain tightness unwound or heaviness lifted, Amyris would simultaneously describe what she saw/felt in precisely the same area in which I was feeling a shift. Whenever I spoke of what I felt was rising and clearing, Amyris’ feedback was always helpful and accurate. I wholeheartedly recommend her energy healing sessions to anyone open to masterful assistance on their path of healing and awakening.

Noell Grace,
Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you Amyris. I’m still reeling in a good way. My client sessions today were very powerful. I feel like something big really shifted. As I left my session with you I felt like I was living in a different dimension. Nothing looked the same. Simply amazing. There was so much energy moving through. My friend will likely be calling you for a session soon. Thank you again Amyris, your work is phenomenal!

Debbie B.
Thousand Oaks, CA

I have enjoyed many sessions with Amyris over the past year and continue to receive lasting benefits from this powerful and potent healing work even days after the session. Amyris is a clear and articulate facilitator of pure intention and transformational energy. She channels both pure energy and verbal messages with clarity. After a healing session with Amyris, I feel totally connected throughout my central nervous system, calm in my thoughts, and powerful in my Being.

Aaron Ogden, devoted Yogi and Energy Healer
Ojai, CA

“Hey there! My session was Amazing! I’ve been feeling sooooooo much! And good feelings…. I have ended a toxic relationship (still and always will love him) and without even knowing I have the desire, I’ve stopped smoking. I’ve been a pack a day smoker for twenty plus years with zero desire to quit. I woke up a few mornings after our session and just didn’t smoke…and haven’t since!
I will need to schedule a time with you soon”                                                                                                                                                                                                  Alexis O.
Wichita, KS

In our work together, Amyris has been quickly able to assist me to discover, experience, and explore with clarity, what had been vague/foggy or uncertain prior to our sessions. This has provided me with many unique opportunities for multidimensional relationship development, healing, transformation, and integration. Additionally, Amyris simultaneously serves to witness and support the unfolding of my consciousness within multidimensional realities and nurtures the embodiment of my experiences. Our sessions have allowed me to experience a broadening, deepening, and more conscious participation in weaving the Divine Tapestry of Life with All My Relations. I am appreciative to Amyris for sharing with me, the many gifts emanated through her Presence.  Thank you.

Diana M.
Saratoga, CA

Amyris is a gifted healer and teacher. In my sessions she has held such a beautiful space for me to go deep inside myself. I felt challenged and encouraged to affirm my own strengths during the session. Her ability to stay with you, help reframe your perspective, and share her insights and understanding is of tremendous help and a joy to be around. I highly recommend Amyris’ healing sessions for anyone who wants to establish and deepen their relationship with their life’s purpose in a loving and supportive way!

Holly J.
Encinitas, CA

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