Inner Light Gathering

Welcome to the Inner Light Gathering

Within you there is access to great wisdom, confidence, freedom, true happiness, inner peace and more. Within you resides an overwhelming presence of Love that can heal and transform you into the greatest version of you and help create great change in the world as well. It’s time for a change on this planet. Time for freedom, empowerment, and Love to rule. At The Inner Light Gathering we will practice skills to cultivate peace, harmony, and oneness within while also working on the level of the collective field that connects us all. We will learn how to access great potential within us to create change for ourselves and the world.
This is Mastery, this is Love, this is Service. All you seek is within. Joining The Inner Light Gathering will empower you to create with joy and enthusiasm, the life you really want to live and help create the world you really want to live in. Finding your inner mastery will liberate you and support all those around you to do the same.

If you are ready for change then join us. Your first gathering is FREE!

WHERE: This is an online group that will meet twice a month to discuss and explore the amazing potential that resides within you and how to access it to create great change for yourself and the world.
WHAT: Topics will be based on your authentic nature as a soul, consciousness, spirituality, and how to work with energy for your own personal transformation and in service to the collective. We will learn and practice skills together, share our experiences, have time for questions and answers, and a group blessing for the collective.
WHEN: On the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month we will gather online from 6-7pm Pacific Standard Time.
COST: Membership is $25 a month. Your first gathering is FREE!  and you can cancel at anytime.
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CAN’T MAKE IT THAT DAY? All the gatherings will be recorded. If you miss one, just email Amyris and she will send you the recording.

May you live your happiest most fulfilling life.

With Love,





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