Though there exist many modalities, religions, and paths to God/Source/Creator/Love whatever you call it, at the end of it all there is but one Universal Truth. If you were to study more than one path you would notice a lot of crossover. For instance, in chi kung there is an energetic path that runs up the spine (the governing vessel), over the head, and down the front (the conception vessel) back to the base of the pelvic floor. These two channels together create a loop around the body and when they are clear it is easier for consciousness to flow. It is called the micro-cosmic orbit. In yoga, the exact same channels are called prana mudra. The same is true for the central channel inside us. In Taoism it is called the thrusting vessel and in Yoga it is called the sashumna. The Golden Rule in Christianity is very similar to the Four Noble Guests in Buddhism. They all have similar teachings and dogma though some may emphasize different aspects of the one truth. And they all eventually direct you within, to meditate, where you have direct access to that truth. Even Christianity originally practiced meditation and prayer though now the mediation part is not as commonly practiced.We are in an accelerated time, a quickening of the evolution of the human soul. We are moving from separation to unity. Eventually all modalities and religions will begin to fall away and there will be only the One Universal Truth left. As a matter of fact, it is already happening. If those enlightened ones of the past who brought us great wisdom and the ancient teachings were alive today, they would surely be guiding us to let go of the dogma and practices that no longer serve, grateful for them for they have brought us to this point, and keeping the ones that do while letting in the new energies and teachings of this era. As a matter of fact they are doing just that from the other side right now. Listen within to your inner guidance to hear their wisdom. There can be no change and evolution if we get stagnant in our beliefs and practices. I am not suggesting throwing away all the wisdom you have learned and the practices that have carried you to this point from your chosen path. Indeed, honor them. I am suggesting as we enter a new phase of existence in co-creating a new world of Love of ALL people, kindness and compassion for ALL beings, that you check into your heart to feel YOUR connection to the Infinite and see what still feels true and what new information and energetic codes coming in are of value to you. It’s more of a blending of the old and new, and seeing the modalities, religions and paths for what they are, stepping stones to the One Universal Truth of unity and What Is.
You can see separation coming apart in our world. Evidence of spirituality being proven in science, alternative medicine is starting to become recognized and even incorporated into the practice of conventional, western medicine, and thanks to technology and social media, people from different countries are forming friendships setting aside their cultural differences and focusing on the humanity that is common in all. And so it is, time, for the old and the new to blend, into the One.

If it feels right, call upon the Masters and the Teachers of your chosen path to guide you into this new era or simply create a powerful intention in your heart to know the One Universal Truth that transcends it all.

Here is a prayer that has helped me and if it feels right, make it yours, exchange whatever words make it feel right for you.

“God, wipe the illusion from my eyes and from my heart. Let me see only the Truth, the Divine in all things. Liberate me from the illusion of self and other. I have nothing to prove, I seek only the Truth.”

May all beings be guided by Love in every moment of their journey and may the highest and best of ALL be held in the hearts of ALL.

With Love,

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