What is Self Mastery?

Who would you be and what would you create without your fears, anger, sadness, guilt and other limiting feelings and thoughts? What would be left?

As you peel away all these layers of limitation your Divine Self begins to emerge and you become the embodiment of Love. Joy, freedom, and empowerment begin to become your way of life as you fall into a beautiful flow of ease and grace.



The Self Mastery Series is a path to awakening your highest potential and living the life you truly came to live. Free from worry, struggle, and limitation. Amyris offers Self Mastery coaching and techniques to empower you to shed the past, activate your higher self within, and bring your hearts desires to life.

“It is my life purpose and greatest joy to serve the evolution of humanity by offering transformational healing and self mastery coaching. I believe deep in our sacred heart exists pure Divine Love. Embodying that Divine Love and letting it permeate every cell of your being and radiate out into the world allows us to truly bring forth your gifts, service, and live a unique and fulfilling life. This is an amazing time to be alive on the planet. Change can happen quickly if we choose and the opportunity to heal the past, free ourselves, live with more passion, enthusiasm, creativity and joy is more possible than ever.

Allow your Authentic Self, also known as the Divine Self, to shine forth and live the life you came to live.”

To Be Human is Divine.


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