Workshop Descriptions

#1 Conscious Breath and Kundalini (Awakening Kundalini Within You)

In this workshop we will learn specific skills to safely and permanently awaken kundalini within us. We will also learn how to use our breath to be more in our bodies and increase the flow of energy also known as chi or prana, and to help unwind old emotions we are ready to let go of. This will help you feel more alive and enthusiastic. We will also practice a breath work exercise to connect us with our higher self so the process of full integration can begin.

About Kundalini As Kundalini pierces through the center of the chakras, each opening of that chakra offer’s it’s own beautiful gifts…

* A release of fear and increase in confidence and feeling grounded

* A release of shame and guilt and an increase in youthful vitality, sexual energy and creativity

* A release of worry and anxiety and an increase in passion and enthusiasm for life

* A release of sadness and grief and an expanded feeling of unconditional love and connection with everything around you.

Abilities deemed super natural become active such as increased intuition, clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathic connection with others, and more. Even a partial rising can balance and stabilize your personality. It can balance your nervous system and endocrine system.

#2 Understanding the Forces of Energy at Work in the World (Energy Mastery & Esoteric Wisdom)

In this workshop we will be exploring the external forces of energy that influence us and how to work with or clear them if necessary. This is called energy mastery using esoteric wisdom.

We are constantly influenced by external forces of energy. Some are good and helping us to heal, transform, and activate our light, and some are what’s called negative interference. Some of these forces are:

* Entities
* Group Consciousness influence
* Individual influence – energetic cords, spells, emotional projections
* Our Personal Guides
* The Angels & Masters
* Mother Earth
* Astrological Influence

Learning to understand which energies are influencing you  and how to manage them will give you great freedom and empowerment. Learning these skills will also help you to work with your Guides and other beings of light to receive the greatest benefit of the energies coming to you.

#3 Awakening Christ Consciousness Within (An Energy Transmission)

In this workshop we will locate, contemplate, and activate the Sacred Heart within. With the help of our higher selves, guides, and the Christ Consciousness frequency. This workshop largely be an energy transmission from Christ Consciousness to help activate the same energy within us.

Awakening the sacred heart connects us to Universal Love of all beings including a deeper love of ourselves and shifts us to the viewpoint of our higher self which already knows itself as one with the Divine. Many claim with the opening of the Sacred Heart that they feel real unconditional love for the first time. This allows us to see Love in all things. It is a shift in viewpoint from the individual self to the Greater Self where we shed limitation and begin to know our greatest potential, where we shift from survival to service, where we bring all aspects of ourselves back into wholeness. Awakening the Sacred Heart connects you to the feeling of coming home, of arriving, of finding that which you have always sought. It allows for greater compassion and Universal Wisdom to come through you.

#4 Practical Tools for Living as an Awakened Being in a not yet Awakened World

In this workshop we will explore specific tools we can use that will give us the ability to stay clear, grounded and connected to Source, untangle from unwanted drama, and have more mastery over ourselves and our environment.

* Staying fully connected to your Source AND grounded while fully engaged in every day life

* Mastering the mind. Unwinding old thought patterns and programs that keep pulling you back.

* Identifying and untangling from mass consciousness programs that are running on a large scale. These are always fear based.

* How to stay free of the Victim, Perpetrator, Rescuer game, (Healers, this is one you can get easily caught in).

* How to alter the vibration of your food, environment, and objects. This is really fun and can be of great service as well.

* Simple easy to state intentions that will keep you fully aligned with your highest truth, at peace and in a state of grace.

One of the challenges you can face as you travel further down the road of embodying your Divine Self is maintaining your newly achieved level of consciousness in a world that is still running the old paradigm belief systems, unconscious behaviors and programs. It is all around you. The weight of these patterns can pull you back into the field of the unconscious if you do not stay diligent and aware. Understanding the pitfalls and learning some very practical tools can help you hold your elevated level of consciousness and support others to step up to you, if they are ready, instead of getting pulled back into the collective unconsciousness.

#5 The Alchemical Power of Love (What it Really is and its Power to Heal and Transform You and the Whole World).

In this workshop we will explore conditional vs. unconditional Love and how to bring pure Divine Love into our lives and use it to help heal ourselves, our friends, our family, and the world.

You’ve heard the phrases All Is Love, God Is Love, All there is, is Love. This is true. From an energetic standpoint, all other emotions (energies) can be cleared by love: fear, hatred, sadness, shame, guilt etc. Love is the only energy that can’t be cleared. Because it is the only thing that is real. And in it’s truest unadulterated form, it is the most powerful force in the Universe.

However, growing up in a society were the examples we have seen of ‘love’ have been full of expectation, attachment, manipulation, heartache and more, many of us don’t know what the pure frequency of love really is. Most of us have not experienced it. Or if we have it’s been fleeting. The pure frequency of love will change how you view everything.

#6 Staying True to Your Authentic Self

In this workshop we will explore some tell tale signs the ego is at work. We will also debunk the myth that the ego is a bad thing that you need to do battle with and show you the path of Love and integration of all aspects of you, including the ego, into the ONE. This workshop is about liberation. For the ego struggles, the authentic self does not. Learn to love, re-educate and integrate your ego back into your soul and heart.

In order to allow the authentic self to emerge, we must first strip away all the ideas, concepts of who we think we are. Letting go of any glamourized fantasies the ego has created. When we let go of these false identities and fantasies, we can allow our true, authentic self to emerge without the struggle and strife of trying to live a dream not aligned with who we really are. When we let it all go and allow the full realization and embodiment of who we really are to begin, we will find grace, happiness and our true offering to the world will begin. It is learning the art of surrender. Surrender of the idea of self so that the real Self can emerge. This process will bring to the surface all facets of our ego. Including the most challenging of them all, the spiritual ego. In this workshop we will learn to recognize the spiritual ego and gain understanding on how it can thwart you on your path to real empowerment, freedom, and joy. Heads up, it’s very sneaky and tricky.

#7 Merging the Human and Divine Self 

In this workshop we will learn the final skills to keep absorbing deeper and deeper into the TRUTH of who we really are and the truth of what is. There is little to say here, as this is an experience beyond words. It is seeing yourself as everything and also experiencing no self at all. It is the arrival home and it is utter contentment and peace. This is not something that will be attained by the end of the workshop, however you will have a direct experience of what it is like to be a fully embodied divine human being and the skills to keep the beautiful merging of your human and Divine Self into ONE.

May you be blessed in all ways to live the life you came to live.


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