You… Are the most powerful force in the Universe
I remember one day worrying. Worrying about all the things happening in life and how they affected me. I could feel it all in my body, fear was up, sadness, and frustration. When I sat down to meditate for a few minutes in the middle of the day I heard these words come from my heart.
“I am Love, the most powerful force in the Universe. All those other energies dissolve in my presence. I am not at the affect of the world, I am the affect on the world.”
I sat there for a few minutes and let the feeling of the words resonate through my whole body. It was exactly what I needed to hear to shift out of my worrying and remember the Truth. Fear, sadness, anger, guilt, confusion, all of it is just energy. All of it is impermanent. Except Love. Love is the only thing that can’t be dissolved because it is the only thing that is real. Love is truly all there is. And when you embrace all the ‘other’ feelings with Love, guess what, they turn back into Love. Leaving you feeling even more expansive and loving. The more we face our shadow the more it turns back into Love and the more we have to share with the world. Never be afraid of your shadowy feelings, they are your fuel to embody more Love. They are Love, YOU are Love, Love is truly all there really is and nothing is more powerful than Love. It can be hard to remember when we are right in the midst of it, with practice it will become easier and easier. So face into anything that bothers you or scares you with Love knowing you are wielding the most powerful force in the Universe.
And please, if you ever feel down, sad, not good enough, dirty or tainted, please make that phrase above yours and remind yourself who you really are. You are the power you seek, it is within you.
May you be blessed in all ways and be liberated into total Freedom.

With Love,

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